Travel Cancellation Protection Policy

  • Additional $200 per person for full balance coverage up to last minute before date of departure from USA
  • The Deposit is always non-refundable
  • Travel Cancellation Protection does not cover ANY pre-existing medical or psychological condition(s). If a passenger has a medical or a psychological condition(s) prior to booking their trip, Travel Cancellation Protection does not entitle them to a refund if they cancel the trip because of any medical or psychological complications associated with their illness and their inability to travel
  • Travel Protection does not cover any medical complications while passengers are traveling. Travel Cancellation Protection is a cancellation policy and NOT a medical or psychological insurance. If any medical or psychological complications take place while traveling, Travel Cancellation Protection does not cover any expenses in case the passenger(s) need to come back home before the end of the trip
  • If a priest chooses to cancel his trip with us for any reason; Proximo Travel, LLC is not responsible for this cancellation and a new priest will be assigned to this trip.  This is NOT a valid excuse for a refund or trip cancellation of any passengers.
  • Any extra costs associated with your trip are not refundable under the Travel Cancellation Protection Policy.  Extra cost may include but are not limited to the following: Upgrade of airline ticket, extended stay at a specific location (either associated with this trip or elsewhere of your choosing), and/or upgrade or extended stay at hotels.
  • These are the valid reasons for cancellation that you will be covered under Travel Cancellation Protection: personal illness, surgery, incident incurring physical inability to travel, and death in the immediate family (God forbid)
  • You must provide proof of your situation to be eligible for a refund prior to departure from the USA. In case of illness, a doctor’s note is necessary. A generic letter from a doctor is not acceptable: There must be proof that something specific happened that prevented the passenger from traveling on the departure date. All necessary documents need to be submitted BEFORE USA departure. There will be a follow up if a note is received to make sure that the medical or psychological condition(s) is not a pre-existing condition
  • A note from a doctor who is related to the passenger (whether it is a family member or a friend) will not be accepted because of a conflict of interest. Each traveler is responsible for expenses in cases where Proximo Travel, LLC has no control over events (i.e. missed flight because of a highway accident, weather, war, etc…)