Why Travel With Us

We are Proud of our Roman Catholic Faith and we support the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

  1. The Divine Eucharist is celebrated every day on our pilgrimages. We have had the honor to host many Bishops, Priests, Deacons and their wives, Nuns, and Religious Brothers and Sisters on our trips.
  2. Most of our licensed, practicing Catholic tour guides have PhD’s and, actually, our Italian head tour guide is one of the leaders for the archaeological diggings for the Vatican.
  3. Along with their advanced degrees, our tour guides are caring, compassionate, and very loving leaders who care about our pilgrims from beginning to end.
  4. Especially in the Holy Land, our hotel is a 5 star resort on the Lake of Galilee. Our hotels are always superior 4 or 5 stars and are very close to the Vatican, the Old City of Jerusalem, and all the major centers of the cities where tours are being conducted.
  5. We eat at very upscale restaurants (except the Holy Land where we eat at the hotels that are superior 5 stars and 4 stars), and we try to accommodate our pilgrims’ with any dish or drink they wish if available. Wine, soda, coffee, and water are always included. Due to the design on some custom trips, dinners may need to be in hotels because of time constraints
  6. We try to accommodate the dietary needs of those pilgrims that are on gluten free, diabetic, vegetarian, or other special diets, if available.
  7. Our buses are air conditioned, heated, luxurious, insured and are operated by friendly drivers who will accommodate all the personal needs of our pilgrims.
  8. Our prices include all tips to drivers, hotels, and tour guides. Especially in the Holy Land where tips could total up to $400 per person. (and we are still less expensive than most tour companies)
  9. Our prices include flights from anywhere in the United States. The price is the same whether you fly from San Francisco, or Pittsburgh, or Minneapolis, or Houston etc. We are happy to accommodate the choice of your airline as long as a flight is available and within our budget. (and we are still less expensive than most tour companies)
  10. Our prices include all taxes, fuel surcharges, (saving you $400-$600) and single supplements (as long as the single pilgrim allows us to find a roommate for them). All of our excursions are always included. (and we are still less expensive than most tour companies)
  11. Most of our groups tend to be small to medium size. (No question, we’ve had some very large groups travel with very popular priests, too.) Our prices never change whether we have the minimum necessary 8 people on the tour or 40.
  12. We travel at a slow pace so our pilgrims will enjoy the explanation of the sites and experience the richness of the culture. After all, God’s blessings and the safety of our pilgrims is our priority.

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