Questions and Answers

1.  How will I receive my ticket?
Tickets are Electronic. Expect a receipt with your ticket number, NOT a Paper Ticket. Go to the ticket counter of the Airline and check-in 3 hours before your scheduled flight.
2.       Am I charged extra for paying with Credit Card?
There is NO 3% surcharge on your deposit if you pay it with a Credit Card. All balances are to be paid by check (personal or bank check).
3.       What amenities are at the hotels?
All Hotels are 4 and 5 Star Hotels: they have hair dryers, toiletries, personal safe, etc.
4.       Can I bring a curling iron or an iron for my clothes?
Irons and flat or curling irons are not permitted in the hotels as they are a fire hazard.
5.       What type of currency do I need?
In Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland – We suggest you bring 400 Euro cash per person In Scotland – We suggest you bring 200 pounds sterling per person In the Holy Land – American dollars are used. In addition, bring your credit card & your ATM card to obtain money on all destinations.
6.       Can I plug in my cell phone, CPAP machine or other electronics?
Obtain an electric outlet adapter for Overseas.   If you have a CPAP machine, please make sure you bring an extension cord as outlets are not always beside the bed.
7.       How much luggage can I bring?
Checked-in Luggage has to be less than 50 lbs.   Inter-European flights may vary with the weight requirement.   Please check with your airline provider.
8.       Can I bring a carry-on bag for the airplane?
Carry-on Luggage needs to fit in the overhead compartment with a total circumference equal to 45 inches, including wheels.   Inter-European flights may vary with the size of the carry-on luggage.     Please check with your airline provider.
9.       What kind of clothes do I wear?
Comfortable, casual dress ONLY.   Please, NO NEW SHOES. Sneakers are acceptable.
10.       Do I need a visa?
US Citizens do NOT need a visa on our tours.
11.       Can I change my airline ticket?
Please note that once reservations are made with the airlines, additional fees may occur if changes are needed.
12.       Do I need a passport?
Yes, a passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months from the date of your trip’s departure. You don’t need to bring your driver’s license. Make a copy of your passport and carry it with you separately from your passport.
13.       Can I do laundry?
You will not have time to do laundry.   You may hand wash if needed.
14.       How do I call when I’m on my trip and where can I get calling cards?
Calling cards are available overseas; do not buy them in the USA. In Italy, you can purchase international calling cards to the USA from a Tabaccheria (type of convenience store in Italy (5 euro’s for 10 hours)).   Calling from Europe to the USA requires a 001 prefix.
15.       When I reach my destination, is there someone there to meet me?
Upon arrival at your trip destination, obtain luggage and exit the baggage area. Outside the baggage claim doors, a representative will greet you with a Proximo Travel sign.   If your flight is delayed or you cannot locate the Proximo Travel representative, please contact your tour guide at the number provided in your final packet before proceeding.
16.       Can I bring a purse or backpack to carry things around?
Yes, please keep all bags, purses or backpacks close and in front of you at all times! Women ~ please bring purses with zippers and not open bags. However, money belts or fanny packs are strongly suggested! If touring the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica; backpacks and shopping bags are not allowed.   Please remember to leave these items in your hotel room!
17.       How do I turn on the lights or AC unit in my room?
Lighting and AC units in hotel rooms are controlled by the keycard that opens the door to your hotel room.
18.       Can I use my ATM card?
Yes, you can use your ATM card.   ATM’s in Italy are defined as BancoMat. Please remember to let your bank know you will be out of the country.   Some ATM’s in Europe do not allow PIN numbers that begin with the number ‘0’.   Please change your ATM PIN number, if needed.
19.       Can I send letters or post cards to family?
Yes, you will have time on some days to purchase postage stamps and/or post cards.   If traveling to Italy, we strongly suggest you purchase your postage stamps in Vatican City and also mail correspondence from there.
20.       Can I drink the water?
No!   As a precaution, please do not drink the water.   Water bottles are available at markets or they are available on our bus for 1 euro. Please remember that brushing your teeth with tap water is acceptable and safe.
21.       Can I get my boarding pass before I arrive at the airport?
Some airlines do allow you to check-in and print boarding passes from the website within 24 hours of departure.   Please remember not all airlines or airports allow you to check in or print your boarding pass before your departure.   We suggest you check in and get your boarding pass at the airport desk prior to departure.
22.       Can I use the restroom while on the tour bus?
No, our tour buses do not have restrooms, however, we do make frequent stops to allow for bathroom use as necessary.
23.       Is there assigned seating on the bus?
No, we want all our passengers to be comfortable and seat with whomever they choose.   However, the 1st Row of the bus is reserved for the priest and tour guides.
24.       What about medication?
All medication should be in its original labeled containers, including vitamins and placed in your carry-on luggage.   DO NOT put medication in your checked-in bag.   If you are a diabetic and require your vials to be refrigerated, please take a frozen icepack with you, place it and the medication in a waterproof container.
25.       What about liquids?
All carry-on liquids must be in 3oz vials to be placed in carry-on luggage.   If you wish to carry liquids larger than 3 oz,, they must be placed in your checked-in luggage.
26.       What is the weather going to be like for my trip?
Please refer to the following website for more detailed information:
27.       How should I dress for masses or when I visit a church?
Please keep in mind that when attending masses, women should have their shoulders and knees covered.   Men should wear long pants and a collared golf shirt.   No jeans or t-shirts please.
28.       When do I get my luggage ?
When departing from the USA, you will check your luggage. You will not see it until your final arrival at your destination, at which time you will proceed through customs.   When departing back to the USA, you will have to pick up your luggage at the FIRST arrival city in the USA, go through customs, and recheck your luggage if necessary to get onto another flight for your final destination.